10 months ago

What Benefits Does Form Recognition Technology Bring for You?

Forms are common in the workflows of many companies; for financial department as bills and invoices, for marketing department as questionnaires.

Office workers often need to input the data from batch of paper forms into computer. Manual data entry is costly, time inefficient and error prone.
Yunmai form recognition technology, which is based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), enables you to extract texts, images, checkbox values and barcode from the form. It helps you reduce manual processing costs and improve the data extraction quality and portability. 

1. Key feature description
-Powerful template-based recognition with user definition of master forms
-Support 15 recognition languages
-High recognition accuracy and speed
-Recognize and retrieve form fields 
-Printed characters and texts
-Images such as signatures, stamps, logos, fingerprints
-Recognize and process structured forms such as Invoices, Bills, ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses
-Export form recognition results to CSV, XML and JSON
-Export indexed data to database such as the one for DMS, ECM, ERP and CRM software

2. How does Yunmai form recognition software works? 
-Create a Template: within a graphical UI, you import an image which of the form you need as base for the template. Then, you define the parts of the template (tables, texts, images, barcode and checkboxes) by selecting the areas on the image with the different tools.
-Use the template: when you start a recognition of a new document by capturing or importing images, it will be compare to the current saved templates. If a matched template is found, it will automatically start the recognition process and extract the data. 
-The recognized documents will be automatically categorized into the corresponding folders. The recognized data are presented in a structured UI to easily review result and edit it if needed. Then, you can export the data to CSV, XML or JSON format.

3. Conclusion
Yunmai form recognition technology can be applied in small and medium-sized enterprises for invoices, bills, vendor quotation, and other forms. You can integrate Yunmai form recognition technology into mobile application and PC platforms. 
With Yunmai form processing technology, you can reduce the time for data entry from forms and enhance the quality of data extraction. Furthermore, the recognized data can be transferred to third-party software to process, archive and search.

2 years ago

Integrating OCR Technology into Software to Develop a ID Scanner

For developers, integrating OCR SDK (Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit) into the software can help them develop any products they need. Card scanner is a vital part of lots of industries and it is used to scan and retrieve important information from card, which owes to OCR Technology. 

Yunmai Technology is one of the best mobile OCR technology and application developers in the industry. And its goal is to develop the best mobile OCR technology to serve enterprises and individuals. Yunmai OCR SDK develops some recognition SDKs, such as Business Card Recognition SDK, Banking Card Recognition SDK and Document Recognition SDK, Driver's License Recognition SDK and so on. 

Driver's License Recognition, is known to millions of uses worldwide. It enables people to capture drivers' licenses with mobile camera's device, then it will extract information within them, such as Name, Address, Gender, Nationality, Date and Signature. 

Integrating Driver's License OCR SDK into software can help industries recognize all information on the card. When visitors from China plan to drive in the United States, they need to use their driver' s licenses to replace an American Driver’s License. DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is responsible for car inspection. Before reviewing vehicle registration, DMV will check their driving licenses. Besides, Driver's License OCR also can be applied to recognize vehicle registration. It can automatically scan and extract texts within them. Then it can import the information into the computer.

2 years ago

Citizen ID Card Recognition SDK

OCR SDK refers to Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit. It is also called OCR engines which do the actual character recognition. With this powerful technology, developers can integrate the OCR technology into the software to develop products they want. The OCR SDK can be integrated into mobile application or PC software to meet clients' requirement.

Yunmai Technology is a professional developer of optical character recognition SDK and has become one of the best mobile OCR technology and application developers in the industry. We develop Business Card Recognition SDK, Document Recognition SDK, Banking Card Recognition SDK and Chinese Citizen ID Card Recognition SDK. By integrating Yunmai Document OCR SDK, your software is able to extract text from images, and create editable files. 

ID Card Recognition SDK can be applied to Securities companies, banks and other financial institutions for self-registered account. It is also widely used by government which has to record the information of citizen ID cards into the computer. Sometimes, they need to input the contents of Chinese Citizen ID Cards, but typing Chinese is difficult for them. ID Card Recognition can help them retrieve the information from the ID cards. 

In addition, with implementation of the real-name system, people may need to input the ID number when they order air tickets, or handle administrative procrdure. The smartphones’ screens are small and the length of ID numbers is long, that can result in mistakes when you input the information. ID Card Recognition SDK can help people easily scan the ID cards through mobile device’s camera and extract the contents from them. Then it can input the ID cards numbers automatically for you.

2 years ago

Yunmai Banking Card Recognition SDK

Have you thought about developing an application that is able to scan and retrieve the information from banking cards, or any pictures with text? OCR SDK (Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit) is the technology that can help you develop products you want with this feature. The SDK can be integrated into mobile application or PC software to meet clients' requirement. With OCR technology, the application you develop can extract the text from the images you captured with your mobile device's camera.

Yunmai Technology is a professional developer of Optical Character Recognition SDK and has become one of the best mobile OCR technology developers in the industry. Yunmai Technology provides OCR SDK for Documents, Banking Card and ID Cards recognition, as well as Business Cards Recognition SDK. Banking Card Recognition SDK can be used to scan Bank Card and retrieve information from it. This SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of Banking Card entries.

By integrating Banking Card Recognition SDK into the application, people can capture the pictures of the bank cards, then it will automatically scan, retrieve and categorize the contents on the cards, such as the bank name, the card number and the date. With Banking Card Recognition SDK, people are able to input the card information without having to retype it. 

Take private parcel delivery service company as an example, when clients are going to pay for the express fee with bank cards, the staff of the company can use the software to easily scan the bank cards, retrieve the information and get the payment. Banking Card Recognition SDK can be applied to any industries to help them solve the problems of bank cards entries.

2 years ago

Docs Matter Helps You Improve Data Entry Efficiency

Are you still in trouble with improving your typing speed? Have you been tired of typing everyday? Docs Matter can help you improve your working efficiency without the need of retyping documents.

Sometimes, your manager may give you some documents and let you enter them into computer. When anything like that happens to you during working, you have no choice but to retype them. With OCR SDK, you could easily convert paper documents into electronic ones without retyping them manually. 

You could download and install Docs Matter into your mobile from Google Play. When there is some important documents that need to be retyped, you could capture documents with mobile camera's device. Then Docs Matter will automatically retrieve texts from them with its build-in optical character recognition engine. You could edit the recognition results and save them. In addition, quickly search for documents you need by entering few keywords. 

What's more, Docs Matter can also export texts to PDF, Word and TXT. You can share recognition results with your friends through E-mail, Bluetooth and so on. Besides, synchronizing them to the Cloud will help you easily access your documents and share them with others from anywhere. 

In order to improve the accuracy rate of character recognition results, you have to keep the document flatten, and avoid reflections and shadows appearing on it. You should also keep your hands steady during the capture to avoid blurry images. The accuracy rate of recognition of Docs Matter may not reach 100%, so users need to correct the uncertain recognition results manually with suggested characters. The average time for recognition of a document is less than 6 seconds, which is faster than retyping it.

With Docs Matter, you will never worry about managing lots of paper documents at work. You just need to take pictures of the documents, it will easily convert them into electronic ones for you. It is no doubt a helpful assistant to your work and help you improve your working efficiency by not loosing time typing manually.

2 years ago

Docs Matter, an Assistant to Your Trip

When it comes to travel, some people would like to travel with family and friends, while others prefer to travel alone. There is something necessary for you during your travel, such as map, itinerary planning, passport, visa and some references, etc. Do you want to keep these things well organized? Docs Matter – Document Reader can help you organize these documents.

Docs Matter is a professional document scanner from Yunmai Technology that helps you scan your documents with your mobile phone and extract texts from the images with the built-in OCR SDK. Then you can edit and correct the texts, and add notes to them. You can also share the documents to the third party cloud storage. Besides, it can recognizes documents in a variety of languages such as English and others European languages as well as Chinese.

Don’t you think that the document scanner is a useful app for travel? Before travel, you might need a paper map which always marks features of that country or places you are traveling to. In case of the map getting lost when you are traveling, you could save it in Docs Matter.

You also have to look up books knowing about the culture of that country and the introduction of some scenic areas. You could get the information from books through our document reader. Then you could synchronize it to the Cloud and share it with your friends. Instead of carrying such heavy books with you, you just need to take your phone and search for what you need with few keywords on Docs Matter.

Besides, during the travel, if you want to share something beautiful or some interesting stories about the scenery with your friends, you could retrieve the text you are interested in through our document reader. Isn’t it useful and can help you focus more on your trip and less on the information to carry with you? Only if you try it, you will see how useful Docs Matter is. We believe you will like it.

2 years ago

Docs Matter – Document ManagementScan Documents, Modify Contents, Share Results

One of Yunmai Technology’s professional optical character recognition (OCR) document scanning applications. Its main feature is to scan the document you have, and use the built-in OCR engine to retrieve text from document after scanning. You can modify and save recognition results after the OCR SDK finished its work.
Turn Your Mobile Device Into A Professional Scanner
Simply aim your device’s camera at the document you want to scan, and let the built-in OCR engine do the rest.
Quickly Modify Your Documents With Our Characters Suggestion Function
You might encounter some minor errors in recognition results, but our characters suggestion function would make the modification process easier for you.
Manage Your Documents On The Go
Search, sort, and group your documents across various devices while on the move. No matter where you go, Docs Matter can make sure your office moves with you.
Export Text To PDF
Docs Matter is able to retrieve the text from the image of the document and export there cognition results to searchable PDF files.
Easy Come Easy Go
Only takes a few clicks to import pictures or documents from your mobile device, after text recognition and modification process, you can choose to upload or backup your documents to other cloud storage.